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Featured Products

Auto-Lektor 3 with BraillePen
An unusual, Internet-enabled reading machine for Braille users! Now delivered with BraillePen!

BraillePen 12
Wireless Braille keyboard and 12-character terminal.

The digital viewer and document reader designed for visually impaired computer users combines magnified viewing (VIEW) with voice output (audio).

Top Sellers

Wireless Bluetooth switch interface for up to 5 switches.

BraillePen 12
Wireless Braille keyboard and 12-character terminal.

Talking Photo Album
The Talking Photo Album is a simple, inexpensive, easy-to-use digitized speech device that has many potential uses for adults and children.

1-2-3 Paint
Enjoyable educational software for everybody who likes colouring pictures and learn numbers.

MegaMix is a collection of eight different playful and educational games designed for children between three and eight years.


What is...Switch?

Switch devices may replace the use of a keyboard and/or mouse.
Switches enable an individual who has reliable control of one or more movements to control any electronic device which is equipped with an appropriate switch interface/connection.
Careful switch selection and switch location are essential if the user is to make optimal use of his/her switch or switches.
There are a range of different ways in which a switch can be operated.
For example, the user may depress the switch continuously until the target item is highlighted on screen, or he/she may use the switch to activate an automatic scanning function, with a further switch selection at the moment when the target item is highlighted on screen.